Who is ryan from coronation street dating

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Coronation Street is a British soap opera first broadcast on Friday 9 December 1960.

The following is a list of characters that first appeared in 2013, by order of first appearance.

Glenn (Neil Roberts) made his debut on the show last month as Darcy Wilde's mystery man, but viewers were unaware of his identity at the time.

Glenn will be returning in the aftermath of Tracey Donovan's recent death, which has left Jesse (Luke Jerdy) and Adam (Jimmy Essex) devastated.

He turns up on the day of Tracey's funeral and is quick to confront Darcy (Aisling Jarrett-Gavin) – already aware that she was to blame for killing Tracey., Todd Grimshaw gets suspicious when he notices that Adam Barlow is suddenly splashing the cash.

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Steph later "makes a play for Ryan", making Katy jealous.Will Adam be exposed as a liar, and if so, will Todd link him to the recent incident at Underworld?, Paddy Kirk gets set up on a very surprising date with Bernice White.Curious Americans can watch it on Hulu (or the CBC, if they can receive it).

The show is often on about five times a week (as do most British soap operas) and has an omnibus at the end of the week.

) is a British Prime Time Soap on ITV, which follows the ups and downs in the lives of the residents of a typical working-class street in a Salford, Manchester neighbourhood.